Challenges That Mobile Website Designing Face
challenges-that-mobile-website-designing-face We have collectively transmigrated from the good old desktop to mobiles and tablets, which are undeniably more portable, give you the freedom of movement without losing connectivity, and make it easier to do loads of other things in the offing. However, designing for mobile platforms requires responsive designing, a technology allowing the website to adjust to the size of the screen.
Here’s a look at some of the current challenges that designers have to overcome;
  • Smaller View ports: to the naked eye, this is the most true and visible observation. To get around this, mobile website designing in Gurgaon avoid the use of columns, which in layman’s language would mean avoiding “columnar under structure”.
  • Larger Link Sizes: This is a no brainer; you have a smaller screen so it makes sense to make the links more visible.
  • Smaller Image Size: iBrandox, a reputed mobile website designing company, takes serious note of this aspect. If you have a larger than life image sticking out of the mobile screen, you’ll tend to skip the text, its human nature and also because our attention span have become remarkably short over the last decade. Cropped images are the way to go.
  • Different Configuration of the Forms: Input fields are a major headache for mobile website developers and designers as users often have to zoom in to fill up the details, thus taking up more of their time. There has been an increasing use of bars and sliders on input fields of mobile websites to make it easier for you, the end-user.

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