Facts of Latest Responsive Design and Mobile Friendliness of a Site
facts-of-latest-responsive-design-and-mobile-friendliness-of-a-site Smart devices have significantly changed the way on how internet users view it. Today, when a website is created using a responsive design module, it becomes a mobile friendly website, thus welcoming a wide array of users. By sticking to a static structure, one might be reducing the number of potential customers who could significantly increase their business. There are numerous reasons why one must a responsive website design, some of which are strongly supported by facts. Listed below are some reasons for choosing responsive design.

SEO Algorithms
Search engines are now assisting mobile users in obtaining results with relevant information which is also of high quality. As most activity on the internet is now derived through smart devices, search engines, like Google are now modifying their algorithm and offering top ranks to websites, which focus both on content and responsive design.

Recently another popular addition to algorithms has been made, and now Google, labels websites, which are mobile friendly. Customers tend to choose the websites which are optimized for their device rather than wasting time with websites that have been labeled as slow to load. Thus, traffic to websites which are now optimized for smart devices reduces significantly while that of responsive websites increases considerably.

Functionality and Speed
When customers access a website on through their smartphone, they do not like pending time on websites which do not load quickly. Thus, they move on to a website which offers better speed, which is why websites which are very slow are now being penalized to develop their website design to make it mobile friendly.

By availing services of iBrandox, any business can now have its website modified to a responsive design.

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