How Mobile Friendly Website Helps in Branding?
how-mobile-friendly-website-helps-in-branding Things to a new turn in the world of optimization when Google made it official that mobile search has surpassed the number of desktop search to an amazing extent. This is initiated another search engine optimizing trend, where indexes will be prepared by understanding how mobile friendly your website is. This clearly means that high rankings would only be bestowed by those websites that have responsive design and thus hold a strong potential to be ranked amongst the best.

Mobile Friendly Website & Branding- How Are They Related?
Having mobile website can be of utmost importance when you want to excel with its branding. Let’s take an example. You’ve finally decided to go with branding, so as to promote the exquisite features that your company/website has in store for its customers. Now, mobile search being the most searched platform with over 4 million searches per day, anyone would first use their mobile to know more about your business, but where you don’t have a smartphone friendly website then you ultimately lose the traffic that you had created with branding.

There are about 74% companies that manage to survive with their online presence, but only 15% of them outshine others, this is because they adapt their website with every budding trend and thus unleash technology to be their greatest power. Currently, mobile website is the power that awaits every business.

iBrandox the renowned responsive website designing company strongly feels that it’s time for companies to open their eyes, and switch to the next generation of search engine optimization.


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