Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Responsive Website?
reasons-why-your-business-needs-a-responsive-website Mobile internet surfing has nearly matched desktop surfing usage and in the next couple of years is expected to surpass it. Most businesses do not have websites that are mobile friendly and this way, they risk losing out on customers in the long run. Websites that have responsive design can automatically switch to adjust to any screen size. If you’re still not convinced about their importance, here are a few things has listed that you should know;
  • Social media and blogs encourage mobile use: over 55% of social media viewing now happens on mobiles, if you are using social media to drive traffic to your website, users will get frustrated once they land on your site.
  • Responsive websites have less loading times: internet users, especially those on mobiles like their information as fast as possible. The longer a potential visitor has to wait to access your site, higher the chances he will give up and move on.
  • Ready for current and future mobile devices: responsive designing is key to a forward looking business. In future it will also accommodate other devices like VR glasses and watches.
  • Conversion rates: according to a recent study by Google, 74% of those who visited a mobile friendly site said they were likely to return and 67% said they would probably buy a product or service from a mobile friendly website.
  • Searches on mobiles convert: about 80% of local searches resulted in converts according to a recent study.
  • Mobile searches outrank static sites in SERPs: since Google is always looking to improve user experience, it favours mobile sites over static sites due to improved user experience and faster loading times.
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