Responsive Web Design is the Future of Ecommerce
responsive-web-design-is-the-future-of-ecommerce Responsive web design represents the website that adapts and changes its appearance which provides for optimal viewing irrespective of the size of the screens like tablets, smartphones, desktop computers and laptop screens. It is also called as RWD, Fluid webdesign or Adaptive web design. Websites which are not responsive will not adapt to other screens and also make the navigation and viewing difficult.

With the advent of new technologies, new websites are being designed using the responsive website design in Gurgaon. These kinds of websites eliminate the dependence on mobile websites. Such kind of web designs is easy to navigate and provide better viewing with good text size. The user experience is enhanced thereby leading to more sales.

In this kind of design, a script is used which detects the size of the screen from which the website is being viewed. This script detects every kind of device be it a tablet, laptop or smartphone and then displays the site in the appropriate format using CSS. Images are displayed according to the screen either small or big, the text is changed and the menus also appear as drop down rather than in horizontal format.

Responsive website design in Gurgaon is catching up. The companies which ignore this concept in designing their websites have to spend for another website in the near future which facilitates this technique. iBrandox is a website designing company that has been in the news for their timely services.

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