What is an Accessible Website?
what-is-an-accessible-website An accessible website is the one that can be easily used by people with disabilities. By designing such website, it becomes convenient for disabled people to perceive, understand, navigate and interact with the web.

Currently there are only few websites which are accessible by disabled people. It is not that web developing companies do not want to do that, it is simply because of lack of knowledge and awareness among the developers.

Need of Web Accessible Website
With the increase in the use of internet in every field: education, employment, government, healthcare, travel and more, it is important to place disabled people at equal platform by providing them equal access and opportunity to explore the web world. With the use of internet, new arenas can be opened for people with disabilities. It is not only helpful for them but even for people in their old age, who cannot cope up the speed and technology, can find it easier to access internet through such websites. A web designing company plays the most important role in designing such type of websites.

An accessible website is no different than any usual website in terms of its appearance. It is visually appealing with lots of content and media like images and podcasts. BBC Ouch is an example of such a website that provides thoughtful services to disabled people. iBrandox, a web designing company in Gurgaon can help you with its expert and professional services to get one built.

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