3 Quick Real Estate SEO Tips for Increasing Traffic and Generating Higher Leads
3-quick-real-estate-seo-tips-for-increasing-traffic-and-generating-higher-leads When it comes to purchasing their house, 90% of property buyers search the internet. This implies that there are plenty of opportunities for realtors to attract new customers and boost their conversions. What this also implies is that real estate businesses need effective SEO strategies to improve their online rankings and visibility. Read on to find 3 quick ways to increase traffic and generate more leads through real estate SEO services.
  • Target Local Keywords: More than 69% of people looking to purchase homes commence their search using local keywords. While, many realtors offer their services across multiple cities, it is always a good idea to focus on the city that you start your business from. From there, you can gradually identify keyword phrases for other cities/area and optimize your website accordingly. Real estate websites can also optimize their websites for search keywords/terms like properties for sale, real estate, realtor, real estate property listings, best real estate company etc. This strategy will boost your online ranking and fetch your more clients for your business.
  • Take Advantage of Content, Photos and Videos: If you are interested in selling a specific home/property, then create blogs to promote the same. Your blogs should contain the address of that property and you must also include photos and videos of the same to generate interest among buyers. You must also highlight the features of that property and include call to action sentences to encourage buyers to connect with your instantly.
  • Directory Listing: Another important SEO tip to improve your ranking and boost your website visits as well as conversions is to get your real estate firm listed on popular real estate directories. You can get your website listed on sites such as Zillow and Trulia to find more buyers/sellers with minimal efforts.
In addition to the above, you can also consider consulting real estate SEO services providers such as iBrandox and get more visitors for your website.

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