Why SEO Is Difficult On Parallax Website
why-seo-is-difficult-on-parallax-website Parallax design technique utilizes several backgrounds which offers a 2D appearance to users as they browse through a website. In order to travel from one page to another a user need not click on hyperlinks. They can simply scroll up and down to access the previous and next pages.

Challenges Created Through Parallax Design

Websites which rely on traffic and search engine generated leads are advised to refrain from applying Parallax design. Some of the challenges this design technique offers are listed below:
  • Due to development in technology almost 25% of traffic is generated through mobiles phones. Parallax websites cannot be displayed properly on these devices.
  • Recently, page load time has become a significant factor in ranking, as websites which take more time to load might lose users since they lose interest and visit websites which load faster. Websites with Parallax design require more time to load when compared to other websites.
  • Google Analytics fails to analyse the content a user requires as there is only a single page. Analytics relies on a technique which examines the content based on the page a user is visiting. Since, the page does not change JavaScript tracking is unable to analyse the content engaging a user.
Comprises To Optimize Parallax Design for Search Engines
A combination design is created so that the there is one single home page which users use through scrolling. It links to subpages which are available on unique URLs, optimizing search traffic. This is one of the techniques implemented by iBrandox, the best SEO and digital marketing company in Gurgaon.

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