Importance of Backlinks in SEO Marketing
importance-of-backlinks-in-seo-marketing Backlinks, also known as inbound links, are links which direct a user towards your website. The back links leading to your website are an indication of your website’s popularity. Websites with more quality back links are given more credit by Google, making them more relevant and increasing their chances of appearing as results.

Importance of These Links
Backlinks have become immensely important in SEO marketing techniques and now are also considered to be building blocks to a well optimized site. The number of back links is irrelevant unless they are superior quality links. The relevance of a site to a keyword is calculated by search engines by the quality of links. The quality of a link is an indication of its relevance to a website or keyword. Connecting two websites which have nothing in common is irrelevant and might not generate sufficient traffic to the linked website. iBrandox is one of the leading SEO marketing company in Gurgoan that follows backlinking guidelines strictly.

Strict Guidelines
Search engines like Google look for links which occur naturally rather than links which have been added just to increase their number. Since, this is a widely used technique and is quiet important for Google optimization strict guidelines are followed and the algorithm updated from time to time to overcome all false techniques to increase backlinks. A deceptive technique used by several website owners is linking their website to a link farm. This link farm automatically opens pages or connects to hidden links. Link farms are ignored by search engines, however linking to them can get a website banned.

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