5 Design Principles For An Effective Branding
5-design-principles-for-an-effective-branding When we talk of branding, design plays a very important role in the entire process. The design which a branding company in Gurgaon/Delhi NCR will create for you should speak about your identity where ever it goes. A good design must follow these 5 basic principles for an effective branding:
  1. Focus: Before creating a design it is important to decide on the focal point on which the entire concept will be based. Once the focal point is established the rest of the events will automatically fall in place.
  2. Balance: The design created should have a balance of size, color and texture of the components of the design. There has to a balance of the light elements in comparison to the heavy elements.
  3. Contrast: It is a very important principle of branding. The color, size and texture of the design should meet certain level of contrast so that they can be readable to the viewer.
  4. Unity: The design created by a branding company in Gurgaon/Delhi NCR should be well integrated within the variety of images, texture, colors and sizes used. Each part of the design should contribute equally for an effective branding as a whole.
  5. Harmony: Once you have a complete design created for your branding, it should be visually appealing to you as a viewer. All the elements of the design must be in congruity and reflect a similar mood.
iBrandox, a professional branding company has been delivering aesthetically appealing designs to its customers by following these principles for their creation.

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