Basics of Ethical Advertising
basics-of-ethical-advertising As a professional advertising agency based in Gurgaon/Delhi NCR, companies have the responsibility of presenting a colorful and well-decorated ad for your product or services offered. While going through the process of making a desirable and appealing ad, some companies may follow unethical means to achieve their target. When I say some companies, it means that there are many other companies that follow the basics of formulating an ethical advertisement for their clients. iBrandox is a Gurgaon-based advertising agency that makes sure the advertisement made in fulfilling their customer needs along with their ethical and social responsibility.

Some pointers for adopting ethical advertising are mentioned below:
  • The advertisement designed should be well informed and share required information with the buyers.
  • It should not be over-exaggerated and puffed up.
  • It should not make false claims to the customers.
  • Make sure the information is current and accurate.
  • Always use clear language which can be easily understood by the customers.
  • Respect the dignity of every individual.
  • The advertisement should not be against social responsibilities.
  • No corrupt or manipulative technique of advertising should be used.
Advertising should be used as a tool for sharing information and promoting a product and not to enforce customers to buy the product or hire a particular service. A good advertisement designed by an advertising agency in Delhi NCR should contribute to the betterment of people and not only for personal benefit. Thus an ethical ad doesn’t make false claims about the product and is designed within the limits of decency.

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