Direct Traffic vs. Organic Traffic : White Hat SEO Techniques
direct-traffic-vs-organic-traffic-white-hat-seo-techniques Are you too confused about what direct and organic traffic really are and how are they different from each other? Then let us help you out. Organic Traffic and Direct Traffic are two simple phrases of optimization, Here; organic traffic is the traffic that you receive because of the company/website’s presence in search engines, and direct traffic where people directly go to the website, either by using its direct link or by typing its name on search engine. Companies that provide result oriented SEO in Gurgaon think organic is better than direct!

Ultimate Battle: Organic Traffic or Direct Traffic
Google analytics always prefer those websites that have organic traffic rather than those that have direct ones. This is why there are many companies out there with the help of SEO marketing company in Gurgaon, give all that they could to acquire this form of traffic, as once you have captured them the results are going to be long lasting. Direct traffic on the other hand might be a great source of traffic for old and accomplished websites, but the results are never guaranteed. best SEO agency in Gurgaon have always comprehended to the fact that organic traffic is lot better than direct for both established and budding businesses. With direct you might only receive returning traffic without any progressions, however organic gives you the scope to gain a reliable impression in Google indexes.

So it’s quite evident now that why companies like iBrandox with result oriented SEO in Delhi encourage organic traffic and allow their clients to make the most of it.

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