Essentials for SEO in 2016
essentials-for-seo-in-2016 Google has evolved a lot through the past years. There was a time when it focused on the technical aspects of a website to display results but now SEO with its holistic marketing approach has forced website makers to craft creative and unique content to deliver top organic ranking in the search engines.

The experts from top SEO agencies in Delhi have mentioned some trends that should be eyed upon in the year 2016.
  • Mobiles will Capture the Market. The biggest trend change is the increasing access to the internet on mobile phones. This mobile search will soon surpass desktop search in the coming years.
  • Text Search vs. Voice Search. Voice search enables faster and more specific search in comparison to text search. Google is launching a new voice-enabled search feature on Google Apps, which will further increase the popularity of mobile search.
  • Rising Trend for Direct Answers. Users are now in search of structured and specific answers for their queries. The rise of mobile search has pushed forward this trend.
These are the 3 major trends that business owners and users will be witnessing in the year 2016. In order to adapt to these changes, you need to approach web developers who can manage SEO and design structured data for you. iBrandox, a top SEO agency in Delhi crafts websites that are mobile responsive as well as can help you to customize your search appearance on the search engines. It is time to embrace this change by getting search-friendly apps designed to compete powerfully in the era of globalization.

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