Fight Back Against Negative SEO
fight-back-negative-seo You as a business entity hire an SEO services company in Delhi to place your site higher on the search engine’s result page. But when someone attempts to lower your site’s ranking in search engines by implementing black hat SEO techniques on your site, which is when you become a victim of negative SEO. ‘Someone’ in this case is usually your competitor. Negative SEO results through aggressive use of backlinking and backlink spamming.

As a victim of negative SEO you can defend yourself by:
  • Setting up email notifications for your website
  • Regular monitoring of the site’s inbound links
  • Remove any suspicious backlinks
  • Get in touch with the enemy
Apart from following the above steps, the most crucial and important step is to fight back negative SEO. Fight back doesn’t mean that you have to do negative SEO against your competitors. Instead, you need to transform your site into an authoritative entity to such a level that you become immune to negative SEO. Keeping an eye on backlinks and removing them cannot take you much farther. You have to become better. This can be done by contacting an SEO agency in Delhi like iBrandox and getting a better website made which must be loaded with better content rather best content suitable for your business. Get high-quality, legitimate content made for your website because only a powerful website can fight back negative SEO. By creating such content you gain authority to fight the spam created by competitors.

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