Role of Link-building in High PR Sites
role-of-link-building-in-high-pr-sites Search engines which ruled the web prior to Google focused on content and site architecture of a website for ranking. Google Page Rank algorithm considers link building as one of the most important factors in SERP ranking. Linking websites is considered like a vote of trust or an endorsement and is similar to word of mouth advertisement through the internet. This is the primary reason for considering link building as an essential part of SEO marketing strategies.

What is Link Building?
The process of acquiring hyperlinks to your website is known as link building. Since the introduction of this technique in allotting page ranks, it has been promoted widely by Google; and eventually website owners began adding irrelevant links. Thus, the Page Rank algorithm has been modified regularly to spot links which are relevant to the content of a page. The value of a page increases when a relevant link is added significantly increasing its ranking.

Role of Link Building
One of the most important roles of link building in increasing the Page Rank is to build trust. Pages or websites when used as links are considered to be reliable, which instantly provides users with the confidence to depend on a page and the information it offers. Thus, to obtain a rank through search engine optimization and link building one should rely on services of iBrandox, a leading SEO company in Gurgaon.

Link building allows companies to connect and one can gradually develop a healthy relation with key influencers in one’s industry, making one’s business all the more reliable. This technique also offers benefits like providing a strong foundation to the brand and gaining traffic through references.

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