The Components of a great Advertisement
the-components-of-a-great-advertisement The rules of advertising advocate that it should address the primal emotions of people who see it. These emotions are experienced by all people regardless of race, color or financial background.

Having said that, let us take a look at these factors and why they are important to hook people.
  • Rationality: This factor depends on the person who is processing the information presented in the commercial. This works quite well in the print and the electronic media, and focuses on the utilitarian, practical and functional needs of the consumer. These are of use in ad campaigns in healthcare and medicine for example.
  • Fear Appeal: Fear is perhaps one of the most basic emotions of an individual through antiquity. It forces people to sit up, take notice and act. The best ad campaigns have utilized this to the full by drawing out a fear and then pointing to a solution or a call to action. A good example is a commercial against drunk driving that is graphic in nature.
  • Humor: This is another big aspect of a good advertisement. Everyone likes a humorous take on things and if it is done tastefully, it has the power to spread among the masses by word of mouth, which itself is a great medium to reach the masses.
  • Scarcity: saying that something is limited in quantity makes it a big draw for consumers who make a beeline for the stores to be among the lucky ones. A limited edition product advertisement is a good example.
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