The Major SEO Marketing Strategies to Use in 2017
the-major-seo-marketing-strategies-to-use-in-2017 There are no established rules for SEO marketing but seasoned marketers at creative advertising agencies in Gurgaon consistently use certain strategies to increase likelihood of high ranking. Knowing about these will help you to drive results instead of continuous experimentation. Some of these proven strategies to use in 2017 are the following.

Mobile Optimization
When it comes to web browsing, most people prefer to use the mobile phone. In 20016 Google launched mobile-first index this means they will use the website mobile version as the primary index for the search engines to crawl. As such, the marketers these days also use mobile-first strategy.

Building Links Intentionally
For years, links have remained the crucial driver for high ranking and even Google recognizes them among their top three factors to consider. Even studies related to various ranking factors have confirmed the same. Intentional link building is in more so than ever before but one has to make the content competitive and relevant as well.

Voice Search Optimization
More and more people are searching for things with their voice and this trend has been on the rise since 2008. For this reason, marketers today optimize content to facilitate voice search and this trend is quite hot in 2017.

Rich Answer Optimization
In 2015, the display of Rich Answers was there for 20% queries and this is going to go up in 2017. When, one wants the content to become visible to searchers for industry related common questions intentional optimization for the queries is important. Explicit asking of questions within content with direct answer and backup in-depth info through creation of Q&A pages and use of lists is the common strategy to use in 2017.

Use of Short URLs
Use of keyword-relevant, descriptive URLs is proven optimization strategy but sometimes, short URLs might lead to high rankings. There is no set the number to use that Google indicates that it will not give credit beyond the first 5 words. The good marketing strategy will be the use of primary keywords within few words.

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