Top Reasons for the Death of Organic Search
top-reasons-for-the-death-of-organic-search “Search in Google” is the word which you get to listen whenever someone is looking out for any information. Google has dominated internet and searches over the years. But however, with many rapid and innovative changes like the social media etc., Google has been facing severe challenges.

Impact of social media
With people using Facebook, twitter and other social media, the trend of searching has changed. Gone are the days when people explored the search content in Google and accepted the results that it gave. People are more interested in knowing the reviews and opinions of their friends, well-wishers and others. This is the main reason for the death of organic search.

Competitive keywords and mixed information
These days, internet users have become very conscious about the information they get. They are able to differentiate between organic and sponsored listings. Many even avoid choosing paid ads even though they are the best information source. Competition is so large that users get mixed information in their organic searches. Hence, they utilize the social media for good reviews.

Split in Market share
The desktop and laptop have lost their gleam. People have moved on to mobile apps and other social networks for searches. Online consumer traffic is getting split into niches at a faster pace and the app developers have developed good apps that are appealing to specific niches.

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