Why Do You Need Google Local Business Listing?
why-do-you-need-google-local-business-listing Like a telephone directory, google also maintains the online directory for business where the online businesses are listed. They are called ‘Google Places’. This is the right place where you can list your business, add pics of your products, upload videos etc. Google local business listing has made the work of digital marketing easy.

Google places have been linked to the Google social network, Google Plus. Social networking plays a great role in the in the success of your business, customer reach and expansion of the business across the globe.

Importance of Online Listing
The Google business directory is often used for search results. It is also used in the Google maps that are used in the smartphones, laptop and desktops. Local search results also provide the business listed in the directory. Hence, to find your business in the 7 business listing on the first page is very important if you are in a competitive business.

Accurate Listing Information
Having a complete and accurate business listing helps Google to identify your legitimate business. When the information in your website and listing matches, you may be ranked high in the search results. SEO marketing can be done in a hassle-free manner.

Good Customer Traffic
When Google ranks your business in the search results, it is obvious that your website shall have good customer traffic. This shall not only improve your business but also your chances for higher Google ranking.

iBrandox helps its customers to optimize their rankings and attract good customer and lead traffic.

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