Email Marketing: Great Returns on Investment
email-marketing-great-returns-on-investment The biggest faulty judgment that a marketer can make is to assume that e-mail marketing is dead and buried. A lot of marketers ignore this method and opt for social media marketing. Though it is easier to send a friend request on the much used Facebook platform, e-mail marketing is at least three times more effective than social media marketing to this day.

The reasons for the efficacy of e-mail marketing are interesting enough. Nowadays, every internet user has an e-mail list. Around 92% of customers go through their email on a daily basis. Because we use mobile phones in lieu of personal computers largely, notifications are easily sent out when an email is sent. It is also easier to find an email than a social media post which quickly becomes buried in a barrage of successive posts.

About 20% of emails sent out do not reach the customer and 5% is sent to the spam folder. That still leaves 75% of emails that do reach the customer, and it is a big percentage. Statistics have revealed that this fact that more than 2/3rd of the emails are seen by customers, making this method a very efficient one. The click through rate of an e-mail is about 4% which is commendably higher than the 0.5% rate of a tweet.

Privacy is another reason why email marketing is a great ROI. You can open an email in privacy as compared to the all-seeing social media. And the chances of response to an email campaign are much higher than social media campaigns. Setting up a campaign based on email marketing is quite cheap, costing about $20 per month. iBrandox, among the best email marketing companies in Gurgaon, advocate using emails to reach out to a very wide audience.

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