Email Marketing Solutions By iBrandox

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In this digital age virtual marketing is essential, as target audiences are spending an increased amount of time online. Emails play a pivotal role in any successful marketing campaign, which is why email marketing has been deemed imperative.

This form of marketing directly markets messages of a commercial nature to the target audience using emails. Potential customers receive emails which inform and elucidate products, services offers and causes. Both direct and transactional emails have a high success rate; hence marketers and their clients are now readily and extensively investing in it. The popularity of the internet as a mode of communication is the driving force behind this variant of marketing.

Email Marketing Is Employed For The Following Purposes:
  • To increase brand awareness and enhance brand presence and visibility, in order to expand market share and consumer base.  
  • To drive traffic to a website or blog, or to increase footfall in a physical location.
  • To promote a special offer or a cause.
Similar to traditional marketing, this form of marketing also ensures promotion, which results in revenue generation. Other benefits of this type of marketing are listed below:
  • Cost Effectiveness: When compared to its counterparts email marketing is exceptionally affordable and a small budget results in massive returns.
  • Clarity: The quotient of clarity, especially in terms of call to action is quiet high through said medium of marketing. The call to action is creatively and clearly stated in emails used for marketing.
  • Urgency: Marketing messages communicated using emails convey a sense of urgency, which compels target audiences to act instantly or follow the call to action right away.
  • Trace-Ability: Tracking results generated through this marketing method is a simple process, which makes assessing a marketing campaign simpler and helps shape and improve future campaigns.
Email marketing is highly engaging because relevant messages focused on the importance of timeliness are sent via emails. Marketers create a database wherein email addresses of target audiences are listed. These individuals then receive emails which interest them and are bound to be opened and read. This is how clients of ingenious marketers like iBrandox receive remarkable returns on investment.

iBrandox into website designing, web development, but also offers customized performance driven email marketing solutions in Gurgaon. The India based digital marketing agency which is entrusted by several major brands on a regular basis. Ours is an agency that specializes in online branding and marketing, and is aimed at offering dexterous solutions, which are highly innovative in nature. We redefine the web presence of our valued clients through employing ingenious ideas, which are realized using state of the art technology.

We provide customized email marketing solutions which are developed after comprehension of the client’s and the brand’s specific needs and demands. Our team of diligent, erudite and experienced digital marketers know exactly what is best for your brand. Additionally they are exceptionally approachable and welcome client suggestions and feedback.  We are dedicated to your brand’s success and hence offer round the clock support to fulfill your promotional needs. Our values prioritize strong friendly relations with each client, which we aim to reinforce through ideas and services which deliver results.