Open Rate vs. Unique Open Rate in Email Marketing
open-rate-vs-unique-open-rate-in-email-marketing There are two methods used to measure the success of email marketing campaigns; one is open rate and the other is unique open rate. Though most of the companies prefer to keep a track of both the rates, but which one is more precise that can actually help you in measuring your success. To know that first you need to understand how these methods work.

Every email marketing agency Gurgaon knows the importance of open rates. They allow the marketers to explore how many people have opened the emails that they had sent for marketing. This is often expressed through percentage and is derived by calculating the number of messages opened along with the total number of messages sent.

Track Your Progress with Open Rate or Unique Open Rate
Unique open rate is a bit different from open rate. According to this method, the number of recipient that has opened the mail should be considered as the total number of opens, despite how many times they have opened it. For example, when an email is sent to the recipient and when they have opened is for four times, then it would be taken as 4 open rates and 1 unique rate.

iBrandox reliable email marketing agency Gurgaon recommends that reports of open rates should be taken into account to know whether the campaign worked or not. With open rates, you will get a clear picture about what was the impression of emails, indicating the success rate of the campaign.

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