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Why should you hire iBrandox for Telemedicine App Development?
  • Know What Your Users Want and Make It Simple & Sustainable.
  • Regularly check your app for issues and mistakes and keeping it updated.
  • User-Friendly UX/UI Experience and Make It as Accessible as Possible.
  • Reduction of communication barriers between health centers.
  • Limiting hospitalization and unnecessary commute for patients.
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Telemedicine Startup or Telehealth Business

iBrandox is the leading telemedicine app developer in India offering comprehensive and patient-centric packages for clinical and healthcare settings, doctors, healthcare organizations, and clinicians. They deliver solutions to help patients to book appointments online, schedule appointments, get consultations, real-time access to health information, and health monitoring. They offer customized and robust healthcare solutions that are developed with deep healthcare experience by industry experts. They follow strict HIPAA standards considering the importance of information safety.

You can consult with iBrandox for the following solutions:

  • Online Scheduling: Patients can check out the appointments available and schedule accordingly.
  • Video Conferencing: It helps patients use video-based tools to connect with doctors.
  • EMR Development: Patient's records and histories are integrated with EMR to make smooth online visits.
  • Multi-Way Solutions: Doctors or patients can easily invite other participants.
  • Integrated Billing Solution: Doctors can easily collect payments through an easy payment gateway.
  • Store and Share: You can easily store and forward your medical images, patient history, and data.
  • HIPAA Security: All the data stored and shared is completely secured according to HIPAA norms.
  • Seamless messaging: Patients can easily connect with healthcare providers and doctors with live chat.

If you want to create a telemedicine app or start up your new telemedicine setup, you can easily consult with iBrandox. They offer custom telemedicine app development and design solutions which are highly secured and are designed as per your budget.


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