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Some say we love startups, others shout us as web developers, few commend us as a digital agency, while some suggest technology greeks.

Magento Developer in Gurgaon Delhi India

Open-Source E-commerce Platform

Why should you hire iBrandox for Magento Development?
  • Flexible Content Management.
  • Opensource eCommerce Platform.
  • Cost-effective Flexibility & Versatility eCommerce Development.
  • Responsive Configuration.
  • Advanced and Customized SEO.
  • Risk-free Platform.
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Why should you hire iBrandOx for your Web Designing Project? website development in delhi


Build, Support and Improve Magento websites

If you are looking forward to having an online e-commerce store, then you might have come across the term “Magento” quite a few numbers of times. The success of your online eCommerce store would depend on the platform you choose to build it upon and this will have a wide implication on both the look as well as the feel of the website. Any good developer would recommend Magento to you for the development of the e-commerce website. However, you may be wondering what a Magento developer does, so here is some information about Magento development and developers.

What is Magento development?

First of all, we need to understand what Magento development is all about. Magento happens to be an e-commerce platform that is designed to allow web developers a first step in the creation of e-commerce websites. These websites will allow you to sell services, products, and downloadable content to the customers who visit your store. Instead of building the core features of an e-commerce website like product catalogs, shopping cart services, and checkout each and every time, Magento offers these basic features which are ready for customization from the developer’s end.

Development with Magento involves quite a wide range of different tasks and has extensive skillset; this includes the installation of your Magento store and its configuration from the ground upwards. The Magento developer will also develop the Magento themes along with the custom features, upgrade your store to the very latest version, help you to migrate from another platform, and also involves the optimizing of your web store performance.

What does a Magento developer do?

A Magento developer can be relied upon to build, improve and support e-commerce stores. If you want to have a fully functional Magento-based e-commerce store that is going to be built from scratch then a team of expert Magento developers, testers, and web designers will be needed to develop the website to its full potential. You can hire a freelance Magento developer for this but for the best and most reliable results, you need an agency that has a Magento development team in place.

Categories of Magento developers

According to the skill set, Magento developers can be divided into two categories:

  • Front-end Magento developers will have the responsibility of determining the look of the e-commerce website depending upon your inputs. They will be building the themes and will also be replicating the carefully made design that the web developer comes up with. Front-end Magento developers have to make the store appealing to the eye without losing out on any of the functionalities. They will ensure that the e-commerce store is responsive and renders equally well on all devices which include smartphones and tablets.
  • The back-end Magento developers, on the other hand, will be tasked with making the features of your e-commerce store. They can do this with their ability to use bespoke code as well as pre-built Magento extensions, using them on a case-by-case basis.

Magento developers have the skill and expertise to render multi-faceted eCommerce stores for clients. The experience of the Magento developer counts for a lot and it adds a lot of value to the skills they possess.

Tasks of a Magento developer

  • Installation as well as the configuration of Magento in order to make e-commerce websites.
  • The building of Magento themes that are based on the designs and wishes of the client.
  • The installation as well as the configuration and testing of different payment gateways like PayPal.
  • Setting up the configuration of the store so that it supports multiple currencies and multiple languages.
  • Making sure that there is integration with different third-party applications and systems like customer relationship management (CRM) software and accountancy software.
  • Developers will perform audits of the Magento store so that gaps in speed, security, and SEO are plugged in and that the site performs to the best of its abilities.
  • Optimization of the loading time and the loading speed of the Magento store.
  • They will also be installing the latest security patches so that the Magento-based eCommerce store is impervious to security breaches.
  • Also, the Magento developers are responsible for the maintenance and support services so that there is seamless running of the store on a daily basis.
  • Magento website developers are also called upon to provide assistance in the case of any issue with the website and they provide troubleshooting services as and when required.

If you are looking for a Magento developer in India, then iBrandox has the best developers in the country who can give wings to your project. The agency has a fully dedicated team of Magento developers who understand the importance of completing a project on time and with the best results. Get in touch with iBrandox today to discuss your Magento-based e-commerce store and watch as our experts get to work on your case with unerring accuracy and flair.


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