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PHP Website Design and Development

With digitalization at its peak, development of user-friendly websites has become a crucial aspect of any business. And when it comes to developing a dynamic and robust website, one can seldom overlook the importance of PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor). Known for its simplicity, efficiency and ease of use, PHP turns out to be one of the most preferred HTML-embedded open sourcesscripting language which is not just limited to website development, but can also be used for GUI applications.

Importance of PHP for Website Development

Today, there are innumerable websites built on PHP, and the number is only growing with time- what exactly makes PHP website development so popular? Here are the top four benefits that will help you realize importance of website development for PHP:

1. Cost Effective

As mentioned earlier, PHP is open-source software that does not attract any kind of downloading or licensing fees. In addition to this, it holds a large international community that undertakes continuous enhancements to its functionality and exceptional resources. This means, you can find over hundreds of PHP solutions whose viability has been tested, assuring 100% desirable results and that too within your budget.

2. Flexible

An amazing benefit of using PHP lies in its versatility. The PHP code stands compatible with major platforms such as Windows, MacOs, Linux and Unix. It also supports a wide range of servers including Microsoft IIS, Apache, iPlanet, Netscape, Xitami, Caudium, Tornado and over 20 databases. Hence, it is often selected for developing cross-platform applications, allowing various businesses to leverage their existing infrastructure and that too at minimal expenses.

3. Protection

PHP frameworks are equipped with built-in security mechanisms and features, ensuring your website remains protected from the emerging or existing security threats. Moreover, the competent PHP developers can also prevent the common threats like data tampering, cross-site forgery and SQL injections too.

4. Integrative

Being an embedded language, PHP meets integration needs of a website easily. It can be successfully integrated with XML, WML, JavaScript and many more programming languages. Browser exposure will never be an issue, as all the scripts tend to get complied at the server. Now, most of the projects do undergo functionality changes, and thanks to the dynamic nature of PHP, developers are able to implement them irrespective of the development stage and without any loss of time.

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