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PHP has revolutionized the way websites are developed. From being a humble scripting code, it has transformed into a reliable language which powers over 70% of the websites found in the World Wide Web. Without a doubt, PHP has witnessed some impressive modifications to develop various frameworks and content management systems (CMS) with ease. The frameworks consist of pre-coded functionalities that simplify the development process, while CMS are created considering the requirements of the end user.

How Does Core PHP Differ From PHP?

Core PHP uses purest form of PHP script, and an only experienced developer who understands the language thoroughly can write clear and concise core PHP code. On the other hand, frameworks are time-savers, as while using those developers has a rich set of resources and functionalities available. So, whether to choose Core PHP or framework is often based on the requirement of the project and the preference of the developer. Comparison between the two languages can be associated to solving mathematical equations, where to solve a problem:

  • You can either solve it manually using a piece of paper or use a calculator for the purpose.
  • Working out problems on paper is similar to Core PHP, but calculator is more like a framework.

From this it can be understood that, the best can solve complex problems effortlessly with impeccable accuracy of over 90%, but the average ones may not able to solve the problems, and their accuracy goes down to 50%. Thus, for website development Core PHP you must always count on a dedicated and skilled developer who is aware of the nuances of this language and excels in the art of core PHP coding.

Why Core PHP Website Development Matters?

Both core PHP and PHP frameworks are reliable programming languages, however the one who can master core PHP can also easily make the most of other PHP-based frameworksolutions too. Along with structuring a good coding foundation, Core PHP greatly improves the developer's overall knowledge about website development on the whole.

iBrandox, the ultimate website development company in India understands the role of Core PHP website development in creating an outstanding website, and thus is backed by a competent team of developers who are not just familiar with this complex language, but have a history of delivering successful results and that too in a short span of time.

Why iBrandox:-

1. You can manage unlimited products & categories
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3. Flexible payment gateway options
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4. Marketing tools to promote online store

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