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Real Estate CRM Software Solutions

The real estate sector needs CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software for organizing, selling as well as streamlining their services.

At iBrandox, we provide robust and scalable real estate CRM software that assists brokers and agents to work both intuitively and efficiently. With our CRM software managing workload, client communication, contacts, sales and other critical real estate process becomes a lot convenient and quick.

Whether you need to better manage real estate details and customer information or even you want to organize your communication reports and transactional data, iBrandox’s CRM Software for real estate is ideal for you.

In other words, our advanced real estate CRM Software helps you to save your precious time, money and resources with minimal efforts.

Benefits of CRM Software for Real Estate Industry

CRM Software for real estate brokers, agents and firms is beneficial in multiple ways. It helps them to better manage their marketing campaigns in collaboration with their sales & marketing team members. The software is intuitively designed to help real estate businesses manage their prospects through timely and efficient services. One of the biggest advantages of the real estate CRM is that it enables brokers, agents and other real estate businesses to automate their minor tasks.

Some of the other advantages include:

  • Enhanced sales performance
  • Integrate tools as well as apps on one platform
  • Manage customers while on the move
  • Improve overall service and performance

Why iBrandox Real Estate CRM Software?

The iBrandox CRM software for real estate companies helps them to plan proactively and achieve the right marketing mix for their business. We create best in class CRM application that helps you to deliver high-impact marketing campaigns and enjoy increased conversion rates.

Our CRM software for real estate enables agents and brokers to:

  • Access dashboard to quickly track the performance of your campaigns.
  • Improved marketing strategies and intelligence.
  • Automation of sales force as well as improved productivity.
  • Increased sales closures.
  • Keep a track of the sales performance.
  • Enjoy real-time and effective marketing communication
  • Gain access to actionable data and insights.
  • Enjoy effective document and contracts management.
  • Track client feedback online.

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