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Competition is fierce in the B2B sector and a company that does B2B business needs to have an effective website for successful conversions. Here are the top considerations for designing an effective B2B website.


SEO optimization and keyword optimization is one of the core duties that we perform. If your prospect searches Google and finds your website, it will be due to the skill we show during keyword optimization. We not only optimize your site for high volume and competitive keywords but also take into account long tail keywords that are brand specific and product specific.

Unique selling proposition

When a prospect lands up at your webpage, you only have a few seconds to convince them as to why they should buy from your company. Having a strong USP will help you in converting possible customers into paid customers. We craft for you a Unique Selling Point that helps to convert customers.

About Us page

The about us page is one of the most viewed pages for a B2B company. We work with your valuable inputs to create a unique and interesting About Us page that generates a lot of interest. The about us page will have credibility boosters and will also explain your company’s value proposition.

Adaptive web design

Nowadays, about 56% of web traffic is from mobile devices. We ensure that your website has responsive web design so that your conversion rate remains high. With tools like CSS and HTML5 we build websites that look equally good on personal computers and mobiles.

Call to Action

If you want to generate leads for your B2B business, there has to be a definite call to action. We recommend placing CTA’s in strategic places in your website and each one should lead to a custom landing page for each different offer. Because the B2B process is a lot longer than a B2C process, the CTA’s should lead the buyer to the next logical step.

Landing pages

The landing page should be short and always to the point. We recommend not asking your prospect for too much personal details. The sales team should follow up on the bare minimum info supplied by a prospective buyer. You could offer a special report or a whitepaper that explains how your product solves the prospect’s problems.

Social Media Integration

In order to make your website into a lead generation machine, social media integration is a must. The blog content and other content should be available for easy sharing especially on LinkedIn. It helps to get people talking about your product or service; we ensure that your website has adequate visibility on social media channels.

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